Many people find an excuse to cheat and when they do, they put the blame on their partner.

Who do you blame? when a wife hires a nanny to help take care of the children and the husband ends up sleeping with the nanny. Well he blamed his wife, for bringing home the temptation by hiring a beautiful nanny.

Who do you blame when the wife sleeps with her husband’s friend for financial gain? Her own reason for cheating is her husband inability to provide for the family.

In my own opinion, no one else should be blamed for infidelity except the spouse that cheated. It is an act of weakness and we should take responsibility for our mistake and admit our fault, instead of shifting the blame on our partner. Not even the person that seduced you, is guilty.

You left yourself vulnerable and lacked a good sense of judgement at that point. Accept you’re entirely at fault and make restitution for your indiscretion instead of been defensive.

Trading blames for infidelity makes us to appear more guilty. Let’s call a spade, a spade. If you cheat on your spouse, accept your guilt and cut the crap. Don’t put the blame of your cheating on the shoulders of your partner, doing that will add more pain to an open wound.

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