Are you single and searching? Hoping to meet a perfect partner that will fit you like a glove. Are you married and still not satisfied with your partner because he or she has not met 100℅ of your desire? Well the truth is, there is no perfect partner. .

Is there any perfect person anywhere in the world? The answer is no. If you’re one of those waiting for a complete partner, then you’re going to wait till thy kingdom come. Those that seek for a flawless partner should first ask themselves, if they are perfect. Many of them, end up been single for a long time and most don’t find a partner that match their dream. Some keep searching and waiting, leaving them lonely and unsatisfied. While others settle for anyone, when time is no longer on their side.

Don’t set an unattainable standard for your partner. Stop complaining or finding fault in everyone you meet. You’re only being unrealistic if you think, you’re absolutely perfect and expecting others to be. We all have our imperfections and that should make us to tolerate others and look past their flaws. Remember some people are tolerating you too, don’t end up alone and bitter. Regardless of who you are, how good or kind you are, your educational background, your bank balance, how beautiful you look or how tough you may be, never think you’re perfect. Always have it at the back of your mind that you’re not and no one is.

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