The regular vows at most weddings l have attended are usually “In sickness and in health, till death do us part”. That is for married couples. What about partners who are not married, what is their stand on the issue of ill health in relationships.

When you’re dating a healthy partner and he or she has been good, loyal and kind to you. What would you do, when the person suddenly falls terribly ill. Will you walk away or stand by him or her?

Will you nurse your partner back to good health and stick around even if it leads to death? I am not talking of minor ailments like common colds, cramps or headaches. This is about major illness that l don’t want to gratify by mentioning their names.

It can be very traumatic to manage sickness and also financially difficult but when the going was good, you enjoyed each others company. So it’s proper to stick around when the going gets tough.


Some people feel they have no strong bond between them and their partner because they are not legally married and no vows were taken in the sight of God. For that, they feel excused from such commitment.

I disagree completely, this is a moral issue. If you claim to love a person, show it when they are also in trouble. Nobody is a saint but there are issues that has to do with conscience.

It is just not logical to abandon a good partner in his or her hour of needs. It belittles the word called love. You can’t claim you love someone and you walk out on her when she needs you most. If you walk away then, suffice to say love is not enough and it doesn’t conquer all.

A loving partner who plays his part well in a relationship, needs all the love he can get when he is down. It is not only when a relationship is rosy that we should stick around. Help your partner when they are down whether married or dating. It is the moral and loving thing to do.

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