I know some of my readers will be wondering what I’m up to with this topic. Well, don’t wonder too far. I love tattoos when they are beautifully made. Some body art has made me gosh out loud, while some are simply breathtaking. I’ve also seen some tattoos that are just there or roughly inked. Overall most tattoos I’ve seen are quite a work of art.

I don’t have any ink on my body because my pain threshold is a bit low hence, l don’t put myself through unnecessary pain. Nevertheless tattoos are beautiful for those who fancy having a body art.

The tattoos that fascinate me most are the ones dedicated to love. Some people ink the name or the initials of their partner on their arm, leg, torso, just any part of the body they like.

It is intriguing to find people having a permanent ink on their body, just because they are in love. What happens when that love fades? when the relationship ends, what will you do? Will you have the permanent tattoo removed, will you leave it as a reminder or ink another tattoo over it.

No one can claim to know how a relationship will end, so why put an ink on it. Tattoos are not the only way to prove you love someone, there are several other ways to show you’re in love with a person without inscribing their name on your body part.

I have a friend who permanently inked her then boyfriend’s name on her left breast. The relationship ended unpleasantly, with so much bitterness and she regrets the tattoo till today.

She wouldn’t have it removed because she said breast are too tender to frequently mess with it and l agree.

Most tattoos made in the heat of passion or while drunk are later regretted. Don’t ink your lover’s name on your body part because you’re so smitten or just because you want to prove a point to them. If you must do so, let it be a temporary tattoo or in hidden part of your body.

You can permanently tattoo your parents name, children’s name, even a beloved pet. You can ink your husband or wife’s name on your body, that is a more permanent relationship, but not a boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you continue to tattoo the name of every man or woman you love and dated on your body, you will definitely become a walking history. Make it temporary when next you decide to tattoo your lover’s name or his/her initials on your body. It will be easier to remove whenever you want it removed.

What is your take on this topic, will you have your lovers name permanently tattooed on your body or not?

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