Looking good is good business. That is a regular saying in my part of the world.

It is important to look good at all times, if only for self esteem. I’ve always told people close to me that l will not be caught dead looking unkempt. I love to look good and l try to do it effortlessly.

One thing we should know as regard taking care of ourselves, is to also try to please our partners. It should be seen as a primary concern.

There must have been a physical thing that attracted a partner to one another at the beginning of a relationship. It is not always about looks, but l feel it is important to keep up whatever makes you look attractive to your partner.

Don’t become a slob simply because you’re too busy to look after yourself, too lazy or too depressed to do anything about it. Don’t even consider it as a task, enjoy looking good and it will be alot easier

I am a very busy person, l multitask, but l still find time to take care of myself. It is not easy to keep up, tough most times, but l’ve learnt to adapt to a routine that works for me and l enjoy doing it.

I get home late sometimes, too tired to lift a finger, but l won’t ever sleep without brushing my teeth, taking an evening bath on warm nights or washing my face and private areas on cold nights. I can’t survive without at least one bath a day.

Some people stay for days without a bath, some don’t even bother to brush their teeth regularly and yet they want to get intimate with their partners with offensive body odour and a stinking bad breath. That is a no show for me.

I always say no one is perfect, but we should rise above personal indiscipline. It is also not advisable to get excessively fat, your man or woman doesn’t need to struggle with your excessive body fats to get intimate with you.

Have a plan that works for you, checkmate yourself before things get out of hand. For instances, I wear a lovely waist bead to keep my weight in check, once the beads start stretching out, l know it is time to adjust myself and that has helped me to keep my weight in check. I also exercise, dance at will, just for fun yet it helps me to be firm. l walk whenever l can instead of using a vehicle.

We don’t have to look like a model to look good, even while fat we can still be a show stopper. No matter the body weight we maintain, we can still look attractive, as long as it is not excessive and we are not going overboard.

Wear clean clothes, get your hair neatly made, you don’t have to break a bank to look good. Do what you can afford, you can wear simple clothes and still look all chic and handsome. Cut your hair when necessary and keep clean nails. Everything should be done in moderation, but still look good.

Look good and stay happy.

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