Who is the right partner? That was the question some young people asked me.

They want to know the true definition of the right partner and how to identify one.

To me, there is no clear definition of the right partner because people seek different things from their relationship, although I believe there should be some basic qualities that will stand out as a guide to identifying the right partner.

This will truly help the vunerable ones and some young people to know what to look for in a partner.

In the absence of basic rules, I think our guide to choosing the right person should be our relationship needs.

If you value wealth, then a rich man or woman might be the right person for you.

If looks, is what matters to you, then look for a cute partner. If it’s all about bedroom antics, by all means go for it. It really all depends on your relationship needs.

I consider a romantic man who appreciates me and he is also fiercingly loyal to me, as the right one for me.

These qualities I highlighted for myself, may not be important to other people.

Some live from day to day and don’t care who rocks their world today or tomorrow but I feel everyone should have a clear vision of what they seek in a partner.

It will enable us to sift out the shaft from the grains and make it easier to choose.

In conclusion, seek a partner that treats you right and you should also strive to be the right partner.

6 thoughts on “THE RIGHT PARTNER

  1. E

    Thanks bunchup,

    These discussions are important.

    My take on it is: Love equals giving. A loving relationship is based on equality and meeting each other’s emotional and physical needs.
    People confuse wants and needs.

    I would like to add to what you write, that indeed one needs to look at what is important in a partner for them, but it is equally important to look at what they offer to the relationship. I think many forget that. A loving relationship based on the fulfillment of selfish wants, is a superficial relationship that lacks love and it will not last.

    I tend to focus on respect (1), trust (2) and a willingness to keep the relationship healthy (3).
    Further, there is shared values, effective communication, being able to be yourself in the relationship, attraction, wanting to spend time with each other, etcetera.

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