I’ve been called upon to serve as the president of my town’s women group and I have also been nominated to be the Ward chairperson of my political party, which comes with a lot of perks.

I am indeed flattered by these two nominations but I want none of it. Not because I am afraid to serve my community neither do I feel inadequate.

I just want my life as simple as it can be. I like it light and happy, no heavy lifting. Moreover I don’t have to lead before I can make a meaningful contribution to my group or my party.

Gone are those days, I want to be all I am being offered now and run at the pace of a superwoman. My priorities have changed, so is my life. I want peace and quiet without being idle.

This brings to mind what choices to make in a relationship, when couples want different things.

How do you successfully make this transition from your old lifestyle to the new one without breaking up your relationship?

I’ve witnessed a situation where a couple almost got divorced because the man wanted to permanently move to the countryside after he retired. Like me, he wanted peace and quiet while the wife preferred the city life.

It was a tough battle between both of them. The wife did not back down and the husband was ready to move alone.

Reason eventually prevailed when their friends and family intervened. They now share their time between two homes, the city and their country home. Weekdays in the city and weekends at their country home. Case closed, problem solved.

My point is this, we can amicably resolve issues as a couple if we are determined to stay together, regardless of what changes we individually want in our lives.

It doesn’t have to end in rancour. If there is truly a will, there is a way.

4 thoughts on “A SIMPLE LIFE

  1. A wonderful honor indeed that you have been asked to lead those groups. We are so happy to hear you have declined and for all the correct reasons. Your character continues to flourish and be a light to all. Isn’t it great when as you say the days are gone when we desired “super” status. Now give us peace and let our light so shine in what we do and how we walk and how we talk. Commitment is losing its meaning for many and it is nice to see you modeling it. We certainly try to model it also. My Dad always use to say things come and go but our character is all we have to stand on.

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