Have you ever imagine how it feels to beat up someone you claim to love or disfigure them. In worse cases kill them, all because they stopped loving you or rejected your love advances.

I’ve heard and witnessed many stories where people violently turn against their partner and l wonder how love can result to that. What triggers crime of passion? What makes you want to kill the person you love and once shared your body with? Could it be insanity or rage?

I believe most passion crime are fueled by rage. Uncontrollable anger which manifest itself in the perpetrator. We should all know that, it’s not everyone we love that will love us back and we don’t have to go psycho on someone for rejecting our love advances.

In the picture below, a man poured acid on this beautiful lady’s face and disfigured her for life because she refused to accept his love advances. This is her, before and after the acid attack.
It is real and so sad. Never to be encouraged by anyone. Such violence happens all over the world and it is not peculiar to women alone. It does happen to men as well, only in fewer cases.

Tough as it maybe we have to learn to control our emotions and anger and not regret our actions thereafter. Don’t react in a feat of anger or in a jealous rage. You can’t claim to truly love a person and destroy them. Love is gentle and kind not violent.

If your partner rejects or divorce you and you’re bitter about it, please don’t go seeking revenge. Learn a lesson from it and let it go.

If you make love advances towards a person and he or she says no, please don’t go into rage destroying the person in the process. Don’t have the attitude of, if l can’t have her no one else will. You may also ruin your own life in the process and end up in jail.

Have this at the back of your mind, if someone rejects you, someone better will accept you. No matter how much you love a person, it will eventually pass if you can sit it out and fight that feeling. I know it is not a walk in the park to get over someone we truly love but we can, if we try.

People come and go and not all are meant to stay in our lives. Don’t force your love on anyone or turn violent against them if they don’t want you. There is someone for everyone. Stay focused and keep the fire of love burning. The person destined for you, will eventually find you.