Why do men feel intimidated by successful women? Why do they think, they cannot handle or enjoy a relationship with a woman who has more to offer.

In some parts of the world, a lot of men have ego issues. They believe women are to be seen not heard and it is really unfair for women, to been seen as a lesser being.

I believe a man should be proud of a successful partner not resent or envy her. He should consider such woman a blessing not a competition and he should not be intimidated by her status.

What I have as a woman belongs to my immediate family which includes my partner and kids. My success should be a glory to my partner as long as I don’t lord it over him. His success should also be a glory to me.

Many women are working and becoming successful. Supporting their families and making life, financially easier for them.

It’s time for some men to drop their huge ego, embrace their partner and be their support system. So that some marriages with such issues can work. We are in the twenty first century, women like to work and even become the President of a country.

Find joy in your partner’s success, be her support system and encourage her to be the best at what she does instead of feeling intimidated by her. That woman will adore you and be the best for you.

Quit whining because she is richer or more successful. Women should also not take their partner for granted or disrespect them because they are more successful. It works both ways.

It’s a man’s world we all know but men should make it a lot easier for women.