Are you single and searching? Hoping to meet a perfect partner that will fit you like a glove. Are you married and still not satisfied with your partner because he or she has not met 100℅ of your desire? Well the truth is, there is no perfect partner. .

Is there any perfect person anywhere in the world? The answer is no. If you’re one of those waiting for a complete partner, then you’re going to wait till thy kingdom come. Those that seek for a flawless partner should first ask themselves, if they are perfect. Many of them, end up been single for a long time and most don’t find a partner that match their dream. Some keep searching and waiting, leaving them lonely and unsatisfied. While others settle for anyone, when time is no longer on their side.

Don’t set an unattainable standard for your partner. Stop complaining or finding fault in everyone you meet. You’re only being unrealistic if you think, you’re absolutely perfect and expecting others to be. We all have our imperfections and that should make us to tolerate others and look past their flaws. Remember some people are tolerating you too, don’t end up alone and bitter. Regardless of who you are, how good or kind you are, your educational background, your bank balance, how beautiful you look or how tough you may be, never think you’re perfect. Always have it at the back of your mind that you’re not and no one is.



I know the norm are for couples to sleep in the same room. Many people like sharing their rooms with their partners, while some don’t. Personally l like to sleep alone at night but before you crucify me, hear me out and know the reasons why people like me prefer to sleep on our own.

For those who share their rooms with their partners, they see it as a normal thing to do. Many think it will bring them closer. They also feel that sharing the same bed will make misunderstandings alot easier to resolve and then sex can be spontaneous. I seriously don’t have anything against these thoughts, but not sharing the same room with your partner does not make any difference to me.

To some, sleeping in different rooms can even reduce rift between spouses.

The people who like to sleep alone have individual reasons for wanting to have their own room. Some for selfish reasons and most for genuine reasons.

I like to sleep alone because I sleep deep and I don’t like to be suddenly woken me up in the middle of a sleep. Most times, it gives me tension headaches.

That is why I don’t like to be woken up while sleeping with a bathroom light, bedside lamps, noise from the television etc. That is genuine enough to want to sleep alone because it involves my health.

Some other people claim their spouse snores too loud and it disturbs their sleep. They end up fighting all through the night because the one that is been disturbed will constantly wake the snoring one up.

The solution to that, can be ear plugs. That’s if one is comfortable wearing it. Some will rather sleep in a different room than wearing ear plugs.

Some people also stretch too much in bed, unintentionally kicking or hitting their partner. Sometimes dangerously, leaving them with injuries.

Such partner will prefer to sleep alone. Sharing a room with a messy partner is also a genuine reason for wanting to have one’s room. He or she messes up the room, throws clothes here and there.

Leave empty drink cups, stale snacks, dirty socks etc, everywhere in the room. Even after several complains and cleaning up after them, they still go back doing the same thing. To avoid a huge fight all the time, they agree to separate rooms.

Well for selfish reasons, some partners prefer to sleep alone because they want their personal space. They believe their partner is crowding them and they see it as a disturbance. This is not a genuine reason, it only boils down to selfishness. Some spouse can also use it as a medium for infidelity, locking themselves up in their rooms chatting away with other people while pretending to be napping or sleeping.

That said, we must appreciate the fact that relationships between couples outside the bedroom can influence their relationships inside the bedroom. A couple with a loving relationship outside the bedroom can extend it to any part of their home.

Two people can sleep on the same bed or sleep differently yet dislike each other and still fight but with cordiality and understanding, things will flow accordingly. For a loving couple, sharing or not sharing the same room is not an issue. They can have mutual agreement to sleep in different rooms.

They can also laugh heartily at each other’s fault, be it snoring or stretching. Some can even agree to rearrange their sleeping arrangement as issues are been resolved between them.

To me, sleeping in separate rooms doesn’t make sex less spontaneous. You can make love in any room you like. Meet your partner in his/ her room anytime the urge comes up. Take each other in the kitchen, bathroom, living room as long as the kids or anyone are not watching.

Rifts can also be settled amicably between couples that has a good form of communication. Partners sharing the same room or not, makes no difference as long as it is not for selfish reasons. Please keep the love and understanding going. Comments are appreciated.