I don’t know why people judge others by their marital status.

Even when you’re filling forms to obtain your drivers license or other things, you find a column for marital status.

Who cares, who is single, married or divorced. Unless you’re interested in a relationship with the person why should you care. Why should it matter so much to the society. I think a next of kin column can serve the purpose a marital status column will serve.

Married or single, should not be a form of identity or a yard stick to measure who is responsible or not.

If you’re seeking for a political office in my part of the world, the first thing people want to know about you is your marital status. As if it will determine your efficiency.

That is why some people in my country rush into marriage or stay in a bad one, so that they can earn the respect of the society. You find men introducing themselves as a responsible family man to oil their over bloated ego.

Women also judge their fellow women. Single or divorced women are isolated at towns meetings. Married women meet as a group, while the other women meet with the men’s group. Creating an artificial barrier among themselves and giving room for gossip.

It is indeed a sad perspective to life. Married, single or divorced means nothing to me as long as you’re happy. I feel so sad, living in a society that judge people by their marital status.

It is simply myopic. God does not judge anyone by their marital status. You’re individually judged by the most high and he will not ask you, for your spouse or children on the judgement day.

It will be everyone for himself or herself. I just hope my country can move away from this archaic belief and step into the light.

Married, single or divorced, should not determine your happiness. It is you that knows where the shoe pinches and no one can judge you, if they haven’t walked in your shoes.

Whatever your status is, don’t let people stereotype you and label you. You’re are a star, a shinning star and no one should make you feel any less.