I personally have no issues with couples having a joint account but I’ve noticed it brings more trouble than it solves.

Money is a very delicate issue. No matter the relationship between two people, money can cause problems between them if not properly handled.

Couples have different reasons for having a joint account. Some because they share a common goal or saving towards a joint holiday.

Others, save to pay mortgages, school fees or for retirement. I think having a joint account is not a bad idea between a loving couple but some don’t see it that way.

A friend ones told me that, it’s no longer fashionable for couples to have a joint account especially with partners being suspicious of each other, infidelity, lack of trust and the rate of divorce.

Some don’t want to hear of it, they prefer to have total control of their resources and I blame no one for this.

Others that agree to a joint account still keep a personal account for back up, which may sometimes be done discreetly.

Well I believe, having a joint account is laudable in a strong and solid marriage. It can make both partners accountable for their spending and bring them closer.

My only advice, is for you to know your partner’s attitude to money.

Know who you are married to before you agree to a joint account. If you’re married to a control freak or an abusive partner, please think twice before you agree to a joint account.

In case you agree to it, you can also have your own individual account to protect your interest.

In summary, if having a joint account will hurt you or your marriage, please avoid it otherwise go for it.