I have heard people complain that, their marriage is boring. Why wouldn’t it be boring, when after such a huge commitment couples goes to sleep.

Marriage has always be a work in progress never a finished job. You have to continue to work on your marriage to enjoy it and many people don’t know this.

They feel after the wedding, they can sit back and fully enjoy the union without any addition or subtraction.

The period of dating is different from living together as husband and wife. While dating, couples always want to impress themselves to win each other’s heart but it’s a different ball game after putting the ring on.

Many begin to take each other for granted and see nothing at stake. From then, it begins to get boring because the spark is no longer there.

If you are totally committed to your marriage and you’re interested in enjoying it, you have to always revitalize it and spice it up. Otherwise it will become monotonous and boring.

Some couples become so formal with each other, which makes it business like. Why not throw formalities away, show your true character and don’t be uptight.

Express the passion in you and don’t inhibit yourself. Get dirty with your partner if you have to.

Personally, I like to keep my man’s attention by been adventurous and playful. Even when we get into a fight and I’m at fault, I am jumping all over him, apologising and making him laugh while at it. That makes it easier, for him to forgive me.

There are so many things we can do to make our marriage remain interesting and spicy.

We can garnish it with romance, fun and warm disposition towards each other. You don’t have to snap at your partner even on a bad day. Talk calmly and be selfless towards each other.

I love to dance with my partner but if he can not dance, he can follow the rhythm and just groove with me.

Aside dancing there are other fun things you can do together. That said, when your partner is in the shower, jump in sometimes with him or her. Wash his or her back or get naughty. make love if you have to, right there.

Don’t also make sex monotonous, try new styles. Fire up your sex life, give it to each other as at when needed with a touch of spice.

Make sex so interesting that he or she will want more of you. Tease each other and snuggle up whenever. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to buy him or her a gift. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t expensive, it’s the thought that counts.

Pick interest in your partners hobbies and support him or her. Show interest in his wellbeing. Be concerned about your partner’s health and appearance.

Assist each other to dress sometimes, that can lead to a spontaneous sex that will leave both of you wanting more.

Ladies, sit on your man’s lap when he is not expecting it. When you see him engrossed with the television, stand in front of the TV naked and tease him with a brief sexy dance.

Walk away thereafter, I bet he will come looking for you with a hard on. That shows you have his attention. Don’t be too predictable, surprise him or her in a fun way. Arrange for fun dates where you will be alone.

Be creative, come up with interesting ideas and be spontaneous. Let your partner enjoy your company and they will never get tired of you.

Even when children are involved, arrange for babysitters while you make out time for each other. Don’t neglect each other because of the kids or work. Schedule everything accordingly.

Having a boring marriage doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the union. People have boring marriages and still make it work. For those who can’t live that way, spice it up and make your spouse rush home to you.

Remember it takes two to tango, don’t let it be a one sided effort. Cooperate with your partner and enjoy each other’s company.