I’ve recently realised that some people don’t pay full attention while out on a date, at a meeting or when sharing quality time with friends and family etc, because of their mobile phones. More and more people are getting distracted by their phones. Many of us are guilty of this nonchalant attitude and we don’t know it is affecting our relationships negatively.

I was out a couple of days ago with an old school mate who needed my help to plan her up coming wedding, but she was distracted and busy with her mobile phone all through our discussion. I have to constantly pause while she receives her calls, respond to text messages and constant pinging. This got me miffed, but l couldn’t complain because l felt since it didn’t bother her, it shouldn’t bother me too.


Honestly, it is rude to go out on a date and do what my friend did. While also discussing with another friend this past Saturday, she admitted her boyfriend comes to bed with his mobile phone and if it rings while they are getting intimate, he stops to receive the call. That l couldn’t believe.

Will you withdraw your tool out of your partner’s honeypot to answer a call? Will the tool still stand erect if the call came with a bad news? As funny as it seems, it’s absurd.


Why should we go to bed to have sexual intimacy with our partner with the intention of receiving calls mid way through it, why go on a date and constantly play with your phones, ping, send text messages? If you’re getting distracted with your phone, you will only make your partner, friends and family feel unimportant.

Some pleople may not complain, but they will feel hurt and unwanted. Some partners might even suspect infidelity or lack of interest in them.

I suggest we should all be disciplined with our mobile phones. Let us maintain a phone etiquette. When you’re in a meeting, please leave your phone in the silent mode, same with when you’re having sexual intimacy with your partner.

You can always return the calls or messages when you’re done. Let your loved ones have your full attention when you’re with them and not divided attention. Let them know they are very important to you and no mobile phone can come between you and them.

It will be really nice if we can enjoy a good company without our mobile phones in tow. I accept that phones helps with boredom sometimes, but it shouldn’t consume us to the point of distraction.