Do you know who you are sleeping with? Not many of us know the truth about who we get under the cover with but we assume all is well without asking questions as long as love flows.

Are you sleeping with your enemy or your lover?

Some people are aware they have deadly or chronic sexually transmitted disease yet they sleep with their partners without protection, not telling them about their true status. Not caring if he or she gets infected with the disease.

Will you call such a person a lover or an enemy? Somebody who does that is surely an enemy with no love in his or her heart.

What will you say, about a partner that will not hesitate to humiliate you in public, turn you into a punching bag, steal from you but make sweet love to you in the bedroom? Is he/she an enemy or a lover? Hell, he is an enemy.

A partner willing to cheat on you with your friends, relatives or anyone that catches her fancy without blinking, is not a lover but an enemy.

My aim is to differentiate between a genuine lover and a pretender.

It shouldn’t be business as usual, when you get involved. Ask questions, know your partners sexual activities or insist on using a condom, if he or she is not forthcoming with the true situation.

We can not always be too careful but it won’t hurt to be sure of who we are sleeping with. Let’s make an effort in knowing who we want to get into bed with so we won’t regret it when it is either too painful or too late.

So do you know who you’re sleeping with?