It is tough to successfully raise children as a couple. Imagine when children are been raised by one person.

Becoming a single parent is mostly not intentional, we all know it can happen through the loss of a spouse, desertion, divorce or disappointment and it can happen to anyone.

A married person can also be a single parent in an ongoing marriage if one of them is not living up to his or her responsibility as a parent.

When you find yourself alone with your kids, you become their father and their mother all rolled into one. The sole provider of their emotional, physical and financial needs. Which can drain the life out of you.

To raise a successful child as parents, is a feat to me. To achieve it as a single parent is a double feat because I know what it takes to be a parent.

What baffles me, is the negative attitude of some people towards a single parent. They see them as weak and not capable of raising their children alone. Moreover they don’t get enough support from the society.

Well it doesn’t mean that a child raised by both parents will automatically turn out good neither does it mean they will turn out bad. Same goes for a single parent.

What many forget is that, the ability to successfully raise children is not by being single or as a couple. It all depends on individual parenting skill.

I know couples who are weak with wayward children and I’ve seen couples who are doing a good job as parents. I have also seen a single parent who is doing a fantastic job with his kids. Another single parent I know, can’t keep it together.

Parenting skills depends on individual capabilities not their status so don’t judge a single parent from where you’re sitting.

I have a particular friend I admire who is a single parent. She is working so hard to raise her lovely kids despite all odds.

Shoutout to her and all the single parent out there, doing a great job. It is tough to do it alone yet, you’re doing your best.

Find joy in the success of your children because you have earned it.