Christmas is my favourite holiday and I’m usually in a good mood as I am today. The day is always filled with merriment, Iots to eat and drink. I just want to relax and enjoy this special day with my loved ones. As it is, I do not expect anything or anyone to ruin my mood this holiday season because I’ve decided to be happy regardless of the challenges in front of me.

So are you in a good mood today or your mood has been altered by the state of your relationship? When things are going great in our relationships, it reflects in our mood. Some of us beam with smile or are overly happy but when things goes awry we become all moody and cranky. If you’re having such mood swings, your relationship is definitely influencing your mood.

Many don’t even realise the effect their partner has on their mood. When we are deeply in love and emotionally attached to our partners, it is normal for some of us to have our mood altered by the state of our relationship.

I do not feel comfortable, allowing my relationship to determine how I feel or what to feel because it makes me unsettled but sometimes I lack the will power to control my emotions. Nevertheless, it is Christmas and nothing is getting in the way of my joy.

However! on this auspicious holiday, let us put aside our anger or the grudges we have against our partners, family and friends.

Let down your hair and have some fun. Even if you’re spending the day alone and you’re feeling lonely, snap out of it and get your groove on. Be grateful to be alive, cook yourself a great meal. After all it is Christmas and it only comes once in a year. So boogie down and be happy. Let the joy of the festivity control our mood and surround us wiith happiness.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas filled with love. 💝💝💝