Most women believe that men don’t cry. They also believe that men lack emotions and are heartless because they don’t shed tears like women do but that is not true. Men also cry, as a counsellor at least I’ve seen a few of them cry privately. Some over the demise of their loved ones and others over a heartbreak.

Women are different from men, we are not very good at masking our feelings like men and some of us are highly emotional. We cry at will and mop like babies when we are hurt. That is the tenderness that differentiate a woman from a man.

I know many women wants to see their men cry. To see that soft side of them but arguably many men don’t like to cry openly or in the presence of their friends and a woman. They believe crying openly makes them vulnerable but that doesn’t mean they don’t cry. Honestly they do, only in private moments. When a man choose to cry openly, then the pain would have been most unbearable for anyone. Especially the demise of a beloved child.

Please don’t think your man lacks emotions or he doesn’t feel your pain because you haven’t seen him cry or he is not crying with you during those trying times. He is only staying strong for both of you. For instance, when you see your man cry, what will you do? I will be dazed, especially if we are both crying at the same time. I will probably stop crying to console him.

Admit it women, when you see the man you love cry, it breaks your heart. You just want to hug him and kiss his tears away. I think that men knows this, that’s why they hide their tears from us in order to protect us. There are exceptional cases where some clever men use their crocodile tears to blackmail their women into submission.

Well I have nothing against a man crying, infact I want my man to let down his guard for once and cry in my presence. You can imagine how that night will end with such an emotional roller coaster, sparks we definitely fly.

Men should know that, women want to see them cry. There is nothing wrong in breaking down in the presence of your partner when the going gets tough. At least you will get a hug and a shoulder to lean on. You can even get a consolatory sponge bath and whatever else you want. So men, cry if you need to let off some steam. It doesn’t make you look vulnerable. It only shows you have a heart that feels pain too.