Many people confuse sex for love. They believe if the sex is good, they are definitely in love.

Well you have to have more than sex going on, in your relationship before you can conclude you’re in love.

Love and sex are feelings we express towards a person we are attracted to.

Sex can be a purely physical feeling with or without emotions.

While love is a total package, a combination of emotions, warmth, kindness, affection, physical attraction, patience and passion.

Don’t be too sure your partner is in love with you because he or she can’t keep their hands off you. Hands on, can be triggered by love or physical interest.

It is for you to read between the lines and know how you feel and your partner’s attitude towards you.

You have to be able to differentiate between being in love or just having a mere sexual interest in a person.

When you’re in a true loving relationship, sex is always an icing on the cake.

Sex butters a sweet passionate relationship and add pleasure to what love has built, so don’t confuse sex with love.

Remember people have sex without having any relationship with their partners, others are friends with benefits, while some pay for sex.

Although a relationship can start with sex and lead to love. All the same, having a purely sexual relationship with a person doesn’t mean you’re in love with him or her.

No matter how hot the sex is, don’t confuse love for sex so that you will not be disappointed.