The difference between two people are enormous, yet they agree to come together to form a union. Through marriage, in love and affection for each other.

Do you know that, this difference between them will always reflect in their relationship.

Men always want women to react to issues like them, while women wants men to respond to everything the way a woman will. This is absolutely not possible.

Aside from the fact that men and women are physically different, they are also from a different background. Raised by two different people with different outlook to life.

This difference is majorly the cause of problems between couples. No matter how close or loving they are towards each other, there will always be frictions between them.

In learning more about life, love and relationship, I always look for the easiest way to cohabit with one another with very little stress.

Most of our adult life is spent as a couple and relationships can most times be difficult, stressful and challenging.

I think our relationship can be less stressful and more enjoyable, if we accept the difference between us and see it as normal.

You will no longer be shocked, react irrational or be grossly offended if your partner does or says a different thing from what you expected.

Once you have it at the back of your mind, that your partner is different from you, there will be more understanding in your relationship. You will also be more tolerant.

In hindsight! If I knew what I know now, my relationship may probably have been glorious but it is never too late for us to put to use the knowledge we acquire along the journey of life and we learn everyday.

Reflect on this, it may bring peace and tranquility into your marriage and in your relationship. Knowledge is power.