Love is all about sacrifice and pleasing our partners but are you trying too hard to please your partner. If you are, then you’re not alone. I am also guilty of doing the same thing.

I should really relate this topic to my past because I no longer see the need to literally knock my head on the wall for someone to love me.

Many young men and women go out of their way to make ridiculous sacrifices at the altar of love which I see as a mistake. I’ve been there, made same mistake.

For example, a young lady rejected a scholarship given to her for further studies abroad with a guaranteed job thereafter because she didn’t want to leave her boyfriend behind.

She was unfortunately dumped later, by the same boyfriend for another lady residing abroad.

I’ve seen men run into financial problems because of a woman. They spend beyond their limit just to please their girlfriend.

A dear friend also thought by having many children, her husband will stay glued to her side. At the detriment of her health she had seven kids which she is raising alone now. No glued husband by her side.

These are few examples of the silly things we do to impress our partners and I see it as trying too hard. I know people like to impress and please their partner but my point is not to over do it.

As I usually say, what will be, will surely be. If someone is going to be with you, she will. Don’t be too desperate to keep someone in your life, if they want to stay, they will stay.

There is even no guarantee your partner will love you more or be faithful to you, if you bend backwards and break your back to please him or her.

Why don’t you just be yourself and let him or her accept you for who you are instead of trying too hard to impress him or her.

If you can’t help him with his laundry tell him instead of pretending to enjoy doing it and grumbling behind his back etc.

If you can’t afford an expensive date let her know your limit.

I believe so much in love and in a loving relationship but we shouldn’t’ be too desperate to please our partner at the detriment of our well being and happiness, especially for partners who may not appreciate our sacrifices.

It took me time to understand this, but I eventually did.