I remember when I use to laugh at my partner’s joke, even though it wasn’t funny. I can’t easily forget how I tolerated all his excesses, just so he could love me and look my way.

I am never the type to kiss ass but love pushed me to the point of begging.

The force of love, I mean genuine love can be too strong and intoxicating like an alcoholic wine.

When we love a person and it is not reciprocated, we try to force our way into their heart by directly or indirectly begging for their love.

I have come to realise that begging for love, makes us less attractive to our partner or love interest. It makes us look desperate, stubborn and aggressive.

It is not until you scream out loud, before it becomes obvious that you’re begging.

When you continue to pester someone who doesn’t show interest in you, with calls, hound them with text messages to the point of them blocking you. Then you have become a nuisance and you’re begging for love.

It is tough to keep our emotions in check, when truly in love. In order not to hurt ourselves we have to find a way of controlling our emotions even if it is hard.

There is a thin line between sanity and insanity and love can push people to that brink of insanity.

If your affection is not reciprocated, just keep calm and look on the brighter side of life.

Don’t pine for a partner that does not care about you or feel the same way as you do, instead of begging or starting a storm, pray for strength to overcome your feelings.

Focus on your hobbies and surround yourself with positive people. Soon, you will get over him or her.

Yes “earth knows no fury of a woman scorned” but show no fury because you’re rejected. Move on and learn from it.

Teach yourself to be strong in the eye of the storm. Quit diminishing yourself by begging and accept rejection without making a fuss about it.

Don’t turn yourself to who you’re not, for love sake. I’ve seen people use money and sex to induce love but it doesn’t work.

It will quickly fade because it is not natural. What is not meant to be, will never be and what will be, will surely be.

Well as for me, my begging days for love are clearly over. What about you?