Would you tell your friend or a relative if you catch their partner cheating on them?

I wouldn’t, because it’s not in my place to do so.

Each time l find my friend’s partner cheating on them, I look the other way.

You may want to blame me for looking the other way.

Well l do not want to breakup anyone’s relationship. I will rather keep my mouth shut and let them find out by themselves than be a messenger of doom.

It is best they find out by themselves and handle it the way they see fit. I don’t like to be an informant of doom or a blabber mouth.

Some couple can take infidelity better, if they find out by themselves than being told by others.

The humiliation of being informed of their partner’s infidelity by other people can increase their pain and make them react irrationally.

It is better you caution the cheating partner or stay out of it all together, instead of snitching.

No matter how close you are to a person or how much you care about them, when you find out their partner is cheating on them, please don’t put yourself in the middle and don’t meddle.

Even when your blood boils maintain your cool or else, you may end up being seen as a common enemy who doesn’t wish them well.

Some might even see you as a gossip. No matter your good intentions, I feel it’s best to stay out of it.