Today is my birthday and I’m thankful for the gift of life. God has granted me the grace to reach this age and that’s wonderful. I’m here, still living and waxing strong. Enjoying my life and generally at peace within me.

I am really big on birthdays but I don’t celebrate it anymore with parties like I use to do in the past. I’ve made it a reflective period for me since the last five years.

I take stock of what I’ve done in 365 days. Make changes where necessary and move on to my next birthday but today seems different, I feel like partying and generally having fun.

I have mentioned it severally on my blog that I am overly emotional and I allowed sentiments to run my life which makes me appear very naive. One thing, I have achieved between my last birthday and today, is taking charge of my emotions.

I was an emotional wreck before now. I loved blindly, put others always before me. Yet they take me for granted and throw my love back at my face. Except for few who truly appreciate my love and support.

Always bending backwards to please people, especially my partner. Loving hopelessly and helplessly.

Well things are different now, although I am a work in progress. Still emotional but refined and more in control than I have ever been in the past and it has given me so much relieve and made my life less stressful.

This is enough reason for me to celebrate, put on my shoes and dance a liberating dance to mark my birthday.

Please join me in celebrating a well deserved birthday and a more fulfilling life ahead.