Two beautiful young ladies, were curious to know the etiquette of accepting financial or material gift from men that shows interest in them.

They are constantly been wooed with gifts by men and accepting these gifts has become an issue to them.

I normally don’t accept gifts from men I have no interest in dating or from a man that is wooing me.

Things has to be settled between us before I can take anything from him. That means we have to be in a relationship before we can reach that point.

I just don’t feel it is proper to collect a gift from a man, I may eventually reject his love advances. It’s like rubbing salt to an open wound.

A man once challenged me for not accepting his gift. He said I should accept what is given to me since I didn’t request for it and it was freely given.

I do not agree with his opinion because he wouldn’t have given me the gift in the first place, if not for his interest in me.

I simply don’t want him to expect anything in return or think I owe him.

There are men who also collect their gifts back from women that reject their love advances and that makes it difficult for some of us to accept gifts from men that we are not dating unless we are friends.

I’ve shared my thought on this issue with these two young ladies and it’s up to them to decide the way to go.

9 thoughts on “ACCEPTING A GIFT

  1. We so agree with your position on this topic. We would have to look at why is this person who doesn’t really know me giving me a gift? Like you note, Is there something expected in return? We think it is so great you shared your position with these two young women. Who knows but the seeds you have sown my change their lives. Great post! It generated a nice conversation here in our home.

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