How does it feel to date your bestfriend’s ex? It seems awkward to me but I haven’t experienced it before.

One thing I cherish most in friendship and in my relationship, is loyalty. My friends partner, whether current or ex are off limit for me and that’s my own way of showing loyalty to them.

I consider a friend dating my ex as disloyal, especially if she was a confidant during my relationship with him.

I know my ex owes me nothing and he is free to date whoever he wants but the sentimental me, will not be comfortable with him dating my best friend.

It will even be harder on me, if I still love him or if we parted ways with bitterness.

I am good at forgiving people when they hurt me but this might make it a bit difficult to overlook because I will see her as taking sides with my ex and that will be a betrayal to me.

It may sound petty to others but I won’t blame anyone for resenting his or her bestfriend for choosing to date their ex.

There is no law against dating your bestfriend’s ex but it leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

I agree we can’t choose who we fall in love with but I think it’s best we avoid hurting our friends by staying off their current or ex partners.

Please look out for my mid week post on Wednesday the 23rd of August. It is bunchup anniversary special.


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