There are many couples who are no longer in love with each other but they remain married and still live under the same roof.

One may be in love while the other may not be but they live together anyway, sometimes not caring about each other’s well being.

A friend once told me that, “if you have lived with someone for so many years, it is not easy to walk away from him or her even though you’re no longer in love with the person.

She is right but some couple stay together out of mutual respect for each other even when love is absent and they are civil about it.

I’ve seen people stay in loveless marriages, for financial reasons. Religion is another factor that can keep a couple together with no feelings for each other.

The fear of the unseen future is also a major reason for staying in a loveless union.

Well it is tough for me to be in a loveless marriage, especially now that I’m aware and pragmatic about my relationship needs.

I’ve always said it, I won’t be with someone I have no feelings for, regardless of what he is bringing to the table. It doesn’t matter if he is the president of a country, real affection has to be involved.

I will rather reboot my love for my partner if I fall out of love with him instead of managing the relationship without any feelings for him.

It is a must for me to have a genuine affection for my partner before I can allow him to touch me. No affection, no intimacy.

There is really no fulfilment for me in a loveless marriage, because I will eventually resent my partner if I no longer feel anything for him and I’m forced to stay with him out of pity.

My heart doesn’t have to continue to somersault for him after many years of marriage but I need to feel some good vibes to be with my partner till death do us part.