I was recently called an old school because I said I won’t ever propose to a man. I am aware ladies are proposing to men these days and I’m not against it, but I won’t.

Many of my readers might think I’m rigid but this is not about rigidity or being an old school. I have in the past expressed my affection to a man I had a huge crush on and his actions rattled me.

He even accused me of guilt tripping just to put me off but the only thing I was guilty of, was overwhelming him with love messages.

I felt he didn’t really understand the true meaning of guilt tripping, that was why he flippantly accused me of it.

I do intend writing on guilt tripping someday soon, to shed more light on it’s real meaning.

My lack of enthusiasm in proposing to a man is not because my crush rejected my love advances, but his actions gave me an insight to what some men think of women that chase them.

It also helped me (in addition to my other life experiences)to form this decision of not proposing to a man.

I believe men don’t like to be chased by women. They enjoy the thrill of chasing a woman and succeeding. It’s the hunt and kill, a man likes.

If a woman chase a man or proposes to him, some men are quick to think she is too forward. Some are so myopic to the point of thinking it’s not normal.

Very few men are truly open to been proposed to. That is why I’ve always played it safe and allow the man to make the first move.

I cannot be second guessing my partner to know if he is the type that is open to a woman’s proposal or not.

Anyway it doesn’t’t really matter who proposes first. It’s just not my style.

Thoughts on this topic, will be appreciated.

9 thoughts on “PROPOSAL

  1. What a compliment!!! This is awesome that you were called “old school”. We would be proud of that label!!!! Men need to be men and stop wimping out. Isn’t it something how people can turn around something you say and beat you up with it. Its called dirty fighting and the tactics are always the same. They can’t defend their position but boy they sure can beat you up for being able to defend yours. Please keep being “old school” because we love you.

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      1. I feel so lucky, to have you both on my side and you’re also a light in a world that needs some, especially my world. Your words are so kind and it has helped me to rediscover my abilities.

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      2. We sure are in your corner and every post you put out speaks to our heart and we believe to the hearts of all following along with you. We must always let our light so shine because people are watching and we never know the lives we touch. You have a wonderful voice and talents that only you can bring to the world.

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