It is becoming increasingly trendy for some men to live off women. It’s like a new norm where men expects women to financially and physically take care of their needs. These men are not ready to reciprocate this kind and loving gesture. They hide behind romance to milk some vulnerable women dry.

You find such men seeking out women who appears financially stable and who are probably looking for a serious relationship. This trend, bothers a lot of women and it is really frustrating to find true love.

Some of this men don’t care about the age or looks of their target. Their main intention is the financial and material gain.

I know this has been in existence for a very long time but the surge in men seeking financial support from women is what baffles me.

I don’t know if the tremendous surge is due to economical down turn and recession in some part of the world or more men are becoming lazy and complacent. Even the perceived decent and responsible men are not left out.

I am not against a woman supporting her man, if he runs into financial problems. I just don’t like men who wants a relationship with me because of what they can benefit.

I am indeed big on gift and giving. I encourage women to also buy gifts for their men but not to take full responsiblity for all his needs unless he is broke.

A friend sponsored her man through school when he had no job. Fed him and gave him pocket money which he secretly used in financing his other relationship with a much younger lady, who he ended up with.

Honestly the surge in men wanting to live off women is becoming alarming and a hot topic between many women in my part of the world, especially older women and this is very distasteful to them.

I can help my man when he is in need and also be there for him but I don’t want to be treated like a sugar mummy.

I just hope reason will prevail and some men will allow genuine romance to flourish.

3 thoughts on “LIVING OFF YOUR WOMAN

  1. Great post. We have talked about this many times in our home and it does seem to be the norm in many circles these days. To us it is sad to see. It appears to us the world is more and more slipping off its foundation. Thank you for sharing your observations with us. Love is real and we know where it comes from. Until we recognize where it comes from and espouse it in ourselves we’ll never be able to give it to our mate.

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    1. I have encountered men like this on several occasions and I wonder if this norm will ever change. Thanks for giving credit to my observation. It shows I am not the only one that have observed this trend.💖

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      1. You are not alone in this observation and this is good. We are hopeful it will change and this is all the more reason we must lead by example and share our observations. Sometimes people get lost in the ways of the world and we that are in the world but not of the world can make a difference. You are a light so let it shine okay.

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