Is it worth fighting over your partner, if you catch him or her cheating on you?

I’ve seen many women and men, especially women fight with other ladies over their partner. Even married people fight over their spouse.

I won’t fight over any man with another woman, in fact I have no business with the woman my partner is cheating with. So why should I stoop so low to publicly humiliate myself over love.

Why give another human being such power over you?

When I was much younger, if I met a lady or a lady comes in to meet me in my partner’s house, I simply observe my partner’s attitude towards me and the other lady.

If he paid more attention to me, I stayed and watch as the drama unfolds. If he paid more attention to her or he tries to appear neutral as if he has no relationship going with me, I leave immediately.

No comment, no argument, just goodbye see you later. If he still wants me, he will come back begging and my self esteem will still be intact.

I see ladies tear each other’s clothes to shreds over a man. The man will sometimes stand aloof and allow them to dig at each other. Some who feel concerned, will try and separate the two fighting ladies.

When a woman is caught cheating and it comes down to fisticuffs between her partners, the cheating woman usually support the man she likes more among the two.

I call it a dirty fight. It is not in anyone’s interest to lose your dignity or a limb over love. If you catch your man or your woman cheating on you, walk away and let them come begging if they still want you.

It will now be up to you, to either forgive him or end the relationship if you’re no longer interested.

If you must get angry, direct your anger at your partner, not the person he or she is cheating with it and don’t be violent.

There is plenty fish in the ocean, don’t ridicule yourself over someone who may not even appreciate your love.

If it hurts to see your partner with someone else, don’t fight. It will eventually get better if you can persevere.