Are you living your life to the fullest or are you waiting for things to fall in the right places before you enjoy it?

Well I don’t think it is worth waiting for things to fall in the right places before we enjoy life.

We can live with the situations we find ourselves, positive or negative and still enjoy life as long as we are hopeful things will get better someday.

Some of us want to marry the right partner, buy a dream car, save enough to buy or build a home, become a college graduate, get a great job, succeed in our businesses, etc before we can live.

We believe we cannot enjoy life without achieving most of our goals or fulfilIing most of our needs. We live miserably because we haven’t attained what we perceive as the arriving point of our lives.

Things may not necessarily workout for you, as planned. Will you continue to wait till thy kingdom come for it to happen before you start to live.

I’ve been guilty of not living my life to the fullest for many years, until I decide to change.

I was waiting to build my own house and live comfortably before I could concentrate on living.

It really feels refreshing to live life without been stagnant or waiting for the perfect time to kick start my life.

I live for now and I enjoy every moment of it, without too much anticipation.

Life is too short to be waiting for it to happen before we can enjoy it.

Take the bull by the horn and stop waiting for everything to be rosy or else life will pass you by.

Live life and enjoy it.

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