How many of us pay attention to what we say to hurt our partners? Some of us blurt out words that we can never take back and this can cause resentment between you and your partner.

It is very painful when we mock our partner with their secret and their shortcomings. I consider it a betrayal.

It is truly a betrayal because your partner should be the closest person to you. Your confidant, someone you run to when the whole world is against you. So when he becomes the mockery master, it drives a dagger through my heart.

You don’t bluntly tell your partner she is fat, even though she is. You have to be diplomatic in saying it even though she wants to know. Otherwise it may sound as if you’re mocking her.

You should also know that, it is very low to hit back at your partner with what they share with you in private moments.

Mentioning how your partner moan and groan in bed while making love is embarrassing to me, especially when you joke about it in a mocking way.

If you want to talk about your partner’s snoring habit, don’t rub it in or dwell on it for too long. Avoid been dramatic about sensitive issues.

When you’re having a misunderstandings with your spouse, please don’t refer to or insult them with what they told you in confidence. That is the lowest anyone can go with me.

I can even tolerate be told I’m fat and ugly but don’t insult me with what I shared with you in secret.

It is not as if I cannot handle a joke or criticism but some issues are too sensitive to joke about because it may sound humiliating.

For example, if your partner told you he embezzled money in the past and has repented but you think the best way to hit back at him when he hurts you, is to call him a thief. Then you’re breeding resentment.

Don’t drop words like, “once a thief, always a thief”. Just to batter his ego.

If you do that to me, I will never confide in you again and that will thin out my trust in you..

I am not saying you should tip toe around your partner or be uptight. Just be considerate of their feelings and don’t throw caution to the wind because they are tolerating your excesses too.

In summary, if your partner can not measure up to your standard, instead of mocking them with it, take them for who they are. Be subtle with your demand for change or let them go.

It is better to always treat others the way we want to be treated.


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