Is there really an ideal age to get married? Well I don’t think so. Marriage isn’t about age to me, I feel it is more about a person’s state of mind and maturity.

Someone once told me, getting married too young is suicidal because you’re still literally learning how to tie your shoe lace and not ready to be a husband or a wife.

I completely disagree with this thought. People get married at twenty or forty and they either got it right or wrong.

I think you’re ready to get married, as long as you’re an adult. Financially independent, matured physically and emotionally to handle what comes with marriage.

You need all these factors to keep a marriage going and as long as you’ve got it, you’re ready to roll.

A twenty four years old male who came to me for counseling, said he was told by his parents that he was too young to get married when he was twenty one.

His fiancee then, left him because she felt he was not man enough to stand up to his parents and wouldn’t make a good husband if he could not stand firm on his decision.

To this day, he resents his parents for discouraging him. He felt his parents changed the direction of his life and left him with a low self esteem.

He also hasn’t been able to hold down a serious relationship since then.

I’ve encouraged him to move on, forgive his parents and see them as been over protective of him. Not with the intention to sabotage his happiness.

Nevertheless, as parents there is so much we can do for our kids if they have become adults.

If they say, they are ready for marriage, we shouldn’t stop them as long as they are adults.

It is best to allow them, learn from their mistakes and we shouldn’t be over protective.

If you’re an adult and you’ve got what it takes, you’re not too young to get married.

Stay Happy☺


  1. E

    Thank you!

    However, I have seen a correlations between marrying young and an increase in engagement in EDS (see my post 30). There is more research on this, but sometimes hard to find. Of course, many variables interact.

    One could also say that some people mid thirties are still behaving as kids, while others late teens/early twenties can be way more mature.

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