I believe couples can live together without constant argument. We all know that most argument can lead to friction, even when it’s not intended. So why can’t we avoid it.

I’m usually not a confrontational person, I will rather walk away than get into a fight with anyone.

You may think I’m docile because I don’t act on my anger. Well I am not, I just don’t see the need to burnout myself over every issue.

For instance if something is blue and you insist it is black, instead of it to degenerate into an argument, I will assume you choose to see it that way. It may also appear black from your own angle or you’re colour blind.

That will not necessarily change my own view of the colour.

I don’t like to force my opinion on anyone and you don’t have to always agree with my view neither do I have to always agree with yours.

When I try to explain something to you and you don’t see it my way, I will back off before it turns ugly.

It is necessary to also keep quiet when your partner is fuming because arguing with him or her at that point, will only make things worse. Silence sometimes is golden.

In conclusion, if you’re the type that always like to argue with your partner, start small by ignoring mundane issues.

If you have to argue, don’t over stretch it. From thereon you will see the need to stop arguing. Don’t feed your anger with argument.

You can always make your point clear without forcing it.

Being peaceful doesn’t make you a coward and you don’t need to prove you’re right all the time.

If you need peace, give peace.

No more argument please!