Would you quit your relationship because your partner calls out another person’s name in his or her sleep?

A lady is breaking up with her partner for this reason and I find it funny that someone will hold her partner responsible for what comes out of his mouth while sleeping. I don’t think anyone has control over such things.

We sometimes dream when we sleep and some of us talk while asleep, that doesn’t make what we say real.

Anyway, my account officer have decided to leave her partner because he was constantly shouting out Rebecca in his sleep and her own name is Freda.

She felt her partner was cheating on her with Rebecca and that was enough evidence to pull the plug on their relationship.

I think it is rather myopic to break up with your partner for dreaming out loud.

You need more than someone talking in their sleep for you to end a relationship. Although she said, her partner twice called her Rebecca when he was wide awake and that left her feeling humiliated.

She no longer wish to stay with a partner that is dreaming of another woman.

Freda wants me to support her and castigate her partner but I told her, she has no physical evidence that is convincing enough to make me believe that her partner was truly cheating on her.

What you say while sleeping shouldn’t count because it is not real. Anyone can also randomly mix up names while awake. I do that sometimes, when I’m absent minded.

I toId her to give her partner, the benefit of doubt since he denied knowing anyone called Rebecca and has begged for forgiveness. I would have supported her, if her partner called out Rebecca’s name when they were been intimate but he didn’t.

Calling out a different person’s name while been intimate with another is a different ball game but this didn’t happen between them.

He may be lying and he may not but there is no hard evidence to prove he is lying and cheating on her with Rebecca.

I’ve said my bit, the rest is up to her to look past that slip or quit the relationship but I won’t end a relationship based on what I heard from someone sleeping.

6 thoughts on “DREAMING OUT LOUD

  1. This is a tough oneπŸ˜‚. Who the hell is Rebecca? That would be my first question. If the answer is satisfactory I.e- Rebecca is the old lady next door- then that’s fine. If Rebecca turns out to be my worst fear, we’ll have a problem. If Rebecca ‘s identity remains a mystery, then I’ll start calling out John’s name – THEN wait for results.πŸ’ͺ🏾

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