I don’t find it funny when my partner complains all the time, over every little mistake. A nagging partner makes me feel inadequate or not good enough for him.

I don’t nag neither do I like it. Some of our partners that whine and whine may not even know they are hurting us with their constant nagging.

Some may not even have a genuine reason for disapproving your choices. They just want to be heard.

I see nagging as a bullying technic. This may sound extreme but if you have a partner that will not stop complaining about your mistakes or the choices you make day in day out, you will definitely know what I’m talking about.

For example, if you shower without stretching out the shower curtain when you’re done, he complains. If you drop a plate in the sink without washing it immediately, complain. Not minding you maybe too tired to wash it there and then.

If you’re in a hurry and couldn’t lay the bed in the morning, hoping to lay it when you come back home in the evening, another complain.

If you forget to empty the thrash can, hell is let loose. If you wear a red shoe instead of blue, not good enough. It is an unending list of complain. Some partners just can’t sometimes, look the other way.

They feel they are standing their ground or whipping their partner back in line by complaining and nagging the hell out of them.

Men and women are both guilty of nagging, that is a fact.

I know how I feel when my partner constantly rebuke me, so I won’t like to do it to anyone. I will rather pick up after my partner.

Talk about whatever he is doing wrong once in a while or jokely raise the issue without over stressing it. My point will still be clear instead of nagging him.

You don’t have to point out your partner’s mistakes everytime. Kids don’t also like it, when you constantly nag them. They can become rebellious or intimidated and withdrawn.

If your kids know you can’t stop pointing out their every mistake, they will always want to avoid you or pretend when they are around you.

When you nag your house help and other staff all the time, there is a very high chance, they will hate you. Sabotage your work or run away, unless they have no choice.

Nagging is not a way to earn respect or whip back anyone to shape. It is discomforting and discouraging. It only shows, you’re intolerant of other people’s mistakes or choices.

I am not saying, you should not complain or call your partner or wards to order when they are wrong. You can yell or get mad if you have to, but don’t make it a habit. Let it not be a daily thing or a long bitter outburst. As if you see nothing good in them, except negatively.

You achieve more in your relationships, by treating others as a human being with feelings. Know they can make mistakes or forget to do things and can adjust if called to order without making it a nagging affair.

Put yourself in other people’s shoes. You won’t be happy if someone keeps complaining about your shortcomings and choices. That is exactly how other’s feel, unhappy!

9 thoughts on “A NAGGING PARTNER

  1. I also agree that it is mental and emotional abuse. People that practice this sort of abuse are usually very good manipulators. However, they need someone that will put up with it. Great post on this subject bunchup, more people need to learn how to recognize this type of abuse.

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