I recently had a conversation with a lady in her mid thirties and she told me she doesn’t want to search for a partner by herself. She wants God to send someone to her.

This is a lady that runs a home based tailoring business. Doesn’t go out much, except when she goes to supply the school uniforms she sows for private schools. The other places she visits, are the market and the church.

She doesn’t like to attend parties or join a dating site. She is also not in any group in her church. According to her, she is a lone ranger.

All she believes is that, God will miraculously send a partner to her. Perhaps a stranger will knock on her door and sweep her off her feet. How that will happen, I do not know.

I know God works in mysterious ways but how will she meet the partner, that God will send to her if she locks herself up at home and hardly mingle.

I am not saying she cannot meet someone on her market or supply runs but she believes, she doesn’t have to make herself available before her God sent partner finds her.

I told her to join a youth group in her church if she doesn’t want to socialise on any other platform. At least put herself somewhere, somebody will notice her. Hiding at home and praying for a partner, is like praying for a job without searching for it.

Every believer wants God to give them a worthy partner, we all pray for it but you have to make an effort yourself. You have to put yourself where you will be found not hide yourself. You can’t just sit back and expect a miracle to happen.

It is a child that raises his arms that the mother will carry. It is when you make an effort that God will support you.

If you want God to send you a partner, you have to take the first step. Put yourself out there and pray to God for the right person to find you. Not hide yourself and put God to task.

Heaven helps those who help themselves.


  1. This story reminds me of a quote: “God helps those that help themselves.” Maybe she really doesn’t want someone in her life right now. That’s ok. I don’t either. I’m happy being with myself right now too. If and when she really decides to have someone in her life, it’ll happen. All she has to do is to be open to any number of solutions God provides.

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