Do you know you can be in a relationship and still feel lonely?

When your partner is not connecting with you on so many levels and you have this feeling of emptiness, then you’re in a near but far relationship.

Such partner are physically near but emotionally disconnected and distance. You can feel their physical presences in your life but their actions and attitude towards you, makes you feel lonely.

A near but far partner, always think she is doing her best to make you happy while the opposite is the case. To them, you’re being too hard to please.

A partner that likes to do everything on his own without involving or informing his spouse, is near but far. They keep secrets, while you are open to him or her.

They feel more superior especially when they are successful and powerful. Some have nothing, only ego yet they feel more superior. They also like to subdue their partner and they are equally controlling.

Their manner of approach may be business like because they don’t want to give you an opportunity to argue with them and they feel, they are always right.

When you argue with a partner that is near but far or try to get your point across to him, he will say you’re not being submissive.

Some see you as a possession not a partner. Others may not necessarily have a negative attittude but they just don’t know, how to relate with you. This brings up continuous disagreement, leaving you disconnected.

Once there is no togetherness in your relationship and you find yourself or your partner leading an individual life with no emotional connection, please know you’re in a near but far relationship.

I don’t like to struggle for my partner’s affection so a near but far relationship is not for me.

It is either my body and soul including my partner’s are involved or I opt out. I will gladly Iook for someone else that is more than willing to stay emotionally connected to me than settle for less because staying in a near but far relationship can make one miserable and sad.

As I’ve said in my last post, it is good to share our lives with a partner but we should be with people that shows they genuinely want and value us.

There is no point in getting involved or staying involved with someone that makes you feel alone and unloved.

A near but far relationship is the same thing as being alone.

9 thoughts on “NEAR BUT FAR

  1. Elisabeth

    Yes, so true.
    The most beautiful relationships are when people can be together in any sense emotionally, intellectually and physically, and when they meet each others’ needs. It is a relationship based on giving and receiving and on transparency and vulnerability. The latter means that nothing is held back, insecurities as well as highlights. When vulnerable you support each other. I wish for all to have a relationship that beautiful. Most people are capable of this type of love. Unfortunately, many are not. What keeps them from it is a lack of empathy and a priority on self. They might not know but they miss out. Living with one of these people is not fulfilling. Yes, it makes one lonely. Life is too short to accept that. A person who can truly love, deserves a partner who does the same.
    Thanks! As always you are spot on! :)!

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  2. Mary, your blogs always strike a chord with me! I love this one too ❤ This was me during my marriage, living with someone who excluded all the time. One day I realized the worst feeling in the world is to be with someone and feel alone. I would rather live alone for real than to live that way. That's how it is for me now and it's much better with my kids. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here 😀

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