Valentine’s day has come and gone, yet some people have remained single. Many don’t mind their single status, while others does but they all have reasons for staying single.

Some people find it hard to love and trust again, when their hearts has been broken. They shut down and close up their hearts. Not wanting to take any risk or get involved with someone else.

Others are yet to find a compatible partner and have remained single for this reason.

Some few friends have also told me that, they are too busy for any romantic relationship or marriage. They like being single and only want to satisfy their sexual needs.

With the above highlighted reasons for being single, I still believe in getting involved. A relationship is a beautiful place to be. Finding someone to love and care for, is simply awesome.

I am not emphasising on marriage but at least have a companion, have someone in your life that will keep you company. You can take it to the next level if you wish.

Love and relationship is therapeutic for whoever find a good and considerate soul to love. I will rather be in love than be alone.

Loneliness is not a good thing both mentally and physically. The warmth and companionship of a genuine partner, can lift your spirit and cheer you up.

Life is ever challenging and walking through it alone, is tough. Why not get a compatible partner to walk through life with you and make life a little less difficult.

I know you’re single for a reason but you have the power to change your status. You can’t say because your heart was broken you will never love again.

Would you say, you will not drive again because you had a vehicular accident? You will only be careful the next time you handle a vehicle. Same with falling in love.

I know there is no perfect human being but you can find someone that can treat you right. There is always a partner for everyone of us. All we need to do, is to open up ourselves to the right person.

Love begins with you.

10 thoughts on “SINGLE FOR A REASON

  1. This is such a good article. I agree fully. We all desire love and closeness and it is proven in study after study. Sometimes we are too quick to jump into a relationship and the consequences can be devastating. Becomes friends first and watch things happen.

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      1. So pleased you liked our thoughts. Its like we finally realized how important this component is. After the glitz and glitter of the newness fades friendship is what carries you to infinity, lol. At least this is becoming our understanding.

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  2. I enjoyed reading your post, but I think you and I disagree one a few things.

    For the past 20 years, I have been voluntarily celibate, and I have discovered that I do not feel lonely at all! I guess I simply do not need a spouse or companion to make me happy.

    Of course, I think it’s fine that other people want spouses and companions.

    Thank you for an interesting post, Bunchup!

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