The world is in a frenzy because of Valentine’s day celebration. Year after year, it is being colourfully celebrated. I guess Valentine’s day has come to stay and we all know it, as an official day for celebrating love.

I don’t have much lined up for today, except for work and sharing gifts with friends. I will probably watch a movie when I get back home, listen to music and dance to my heart’s delight.

I have no lunch date nor a dinner date planned. No one is serenading me neither am I expecting any gift or cards. It’s just me and my God. (super)

That doesn’t make it, less fun for me. I am in a cheerful mood and basking in the euphoria of this happy day. Believing still in love and celebrating it in my own way.

There is an official day to mark one thing or the other. Just like father’s day and mother’s day celebrations, etc. So it is really awesome to have a special day to celebrate love.

Bless the soul of Saint Valentine who was considered worthy of celebrating and has made February 14 a day to celebrate love.

I pray today brings a lot of joy to everyone and may those who are looking for love find it.

Happy Valentine’s day to all my family, friends, co- bloggers and readers. Have fun and make it a memorable day.

Spread love today and always..

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