I remember when I use to be obsessively in love. When I hopelessly and helplessly love someone that I couldn’t control my feelings and emotions.

Life was a learning process for me then. It wasn’t until late last year that I took charge of my emotions and stopped been obsessively in love. I couldn’t help but talk about it now and laugh at myself a little for my naivety.

Obsession is described as a persistent and an unrelenting desire for a subject or an object that you can’t explain or control.

You feel this burning need to pursue the subject or object of your desire.

When we are obsessed with our partners, we never get tired of spending time with them. Always wanting more of them. Yearning and pining when they are away. Constantly thinking and daydreaming about him or her.

Good or bad, you just want this person and only this person, no one else matters to you.

Before I took charge of my emotions a few months ago, I always proudly call myself a hopeless romantic. Indeed I was a hopeless romantic, I lived for love and enjoyed been in love.

Selflessly devoting myself to my partner and putting his needs before mine. Loving him no matter his shortcomings. Well l thought, that was how it should be when you are head over heels in love. I did learn the hard way and I know better now.

Obsession is not a thing I encourage, it is pure torture. You love someone to a standstill, to a point that you can’t explain or control yourself. You become a total fool for the sake of love. Blinded by love and overwhelmed by passion for one individual.

When you’re obsessed with your partner, you find it difficult to say no to his or her request. You want to do everything to please him or her, even at your own detriment. Sacrificing so much and unnecessarily punishing yourself.

You believe everything he or she says to you, not minding if she is lying or cheating on you.

If your partner knows you’re obsessed with him or her, most can take full advantage of you and exploit you. Remote controlling you. While others can feel suffocated by your attention and just push you away.

Most times people we are obsessed with, don’t feel the same way about us. Believe me, obsessing over anyone is not worth it. It’s best not to cross that line.

Stay on the safe side and just love with your senses intact. Stay calm and enjoy your relationship, don’t torture yourself. Love simple, love easy. No obsessing.

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