This is the time of the year we get to spend with our loved ones but year after year, I’ve stepped into controversy surrounding who best to spend the Christmas and new year holidays with, between your spouse, parents, extended family or close friends.

I’ve seen spouse get mad at each other for one bailing on the other to spend time with his or her own extended family or going away with friends without their spouse tagging along. Parents also feel abandoned by their children during the holidays.

As we all know, the festive season is a family holiday. If you are married, your spouse and kids should be your first priority before any other person. Whatever else you wish to individually do, should be in agreement with your spouse. Even if you’re volunteering for a good cause during the holidays, discuss it with your partner.

We should also not abandon our parents and friends. You can agree with your partner to invite your parents and close friends over or go over to their house with your partner.

Once you’re married, people around you should know that you and your spouse are one body and no one should grudge you for chosing to spend your holidays with your immediate family, which are your spouse and kids. (If kids are involved) I’ve always said that marriage is a big commitment and you must apply wisdom in dealing with issues in your marriage both during the holidays and beyond.

As for a single person, you can choose whoever you like to spend your holidays with. It’s your choice because you’re not under any marital obligation. If you’re in a committed relationship, your partner will definitely expect you to spend the holidays with him or her, but that will be up to you to decide. You’re not obligated to, since there is no ring on it. Regardless of the freedom of choice, consider spending time with your parents if you still have them around, they need us when they are alive.

Well I am going to be spending my holidays with my family. Who are you spending yours with?

In the spirit of this season, let’s keep the flame of love burning.

Happy holidays.🎄🎄🎄


  1. That is so interesting and an amazing post. Arguments and sparks usually fly over the Christmas period and new years. About who and where to spend Christmas with. Especially in laws and parents disagreeing. Or in laws and you or your partners disagreeing. It is supposed to be a happy day and everyone even those who do not get along with each other on most days try to and pretent to burry the hatchet just for one day , however it can all end up in a one big disagreement. It’s so important to spend the Christmas with those you feel comfortable with n those you love.

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