There are many people planning to get married but wondering if they are making a mistake. Some are already preparing their mind for a divorce should it not work out as anticipated.

Having such thought before saying I do, should be worrisome and it should be a sign that, all is not well with your relationship. Why did you agree to marry each other, if you have doubts that the marriage may not work? You’re already setting your mind towards a divorce even before you are joined in matrimony.

Marriage is not a trial by error and there shouldn’t be a moment of doubt before saying I do. Once there is an iota of doubt that you can not wish away, it is best to stop it before solemnising it.

I always tell people it is not about the wedding ceremony or the beautiful cake. It’s about the future and the happiness of you and your partner. Your partner may not meet all your expectations after marriage but why not go into the marriage with optimism if you have chosen to be with this person and not start being pessimistic.

Prepare your mind for the ups and downs that comes with marriage and be determined to make it work instead of preparing to jump ship once the boat rocks.

Once there is a glitch in your relationship that makes you foresee a future breakup, please do not tie the knot with such negative thought and fear in your mind. That will always ring a bell in your head and it can influence your decision to end your marriage quickly.

Remember no marriage is perfect but you can enjoy your marriage and not endure it, if you work at it.

In summary, if you’re getting married, do so without fear, bias or doubts. Otherwise remain single until it feels right to get married.


  1. Elisabeth

    Can’t agree more. If people are not up to it (marriage), they should postpone it. It is as simple as that.
    Finding out whether values and expectations are tuned in with each other might help. No assumptions!
    Marriage preparation can help. An informal contract about expectations, needs and wishes does too and it is a lot cheaper than marriage counselling and divorce!

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