Yes! love does exist but I was stunned when my friend challenged me by saying love does not exist. He said what we call love is simply a compromise and an absolute dedication.

He interpreted love as a feeling of dedication which overwhelms people like me, that believes so much in love.

He also refered to compromise as an agreement between a couple that choose to form a union, nothing more.

He said love crusaders like me, should stop over rating love.

You can imagine my shock at his outburst. I first thought he must have had a nasty experience with his relationships and that made him so bitter to relegate love but that was not the case.

He said this has always been his opinion about love from the beginning.

Regardless of his perception, I do believe in love and affection.

Love is the difference between a friend and a lover. A spouse and our parents. No matter how much you love your parents, you can’t have the same feelings you have for your partner for them. Yet we are dedicated to our parents and we reach compromise with our friends.

Love is an undescribable feeling that overwhelms you. It makes you feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins.

Which in turn send positive or negative vibes to the part of our brain that controls the heart rate, breathing and blood pressure.

You may find out that when you’re with someone you love, your heart rate changes.

You can also experience palpitations if things are not going well in your relationship. Would you call that effect on your health and feelings as simply a compromise and dedication.

I do not agree that love does not exist and I guess my few point has buttressed my view. 💖💖💖

3 thoughts on “DOES LOVE REALLY EXIST?

  1. I agree with your friend. Love is the absence of hate. And so, it crashes when absolute dedication wane. It doesn’t matter whether the love is for your parents or partner, the result is the same. Once hate creeps in, dedication will disappear. Love without dedication; is it still love? I don’t think so. That means love and dedication are the same thing.

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