Does it matter where we find love? At work, on the street, at a house party, online, a night club or at religious places.

A friend has argued that the place we find love matters a lot but I disagreed with him.

In his argument, he said if you meet a woman at a brothel, she is never going to be faithful and if you meet your partner while drinking, he may probably end up an alcoholic.

He believes there are certain places you find love, that can pre-determine the outcome of your relationship.

I do not agree with his theory of, “show me your location and I will tell you what the outcome will be”

I don’t think the first point of contact has anything to do with the success of a relationship.

The people we meet at college campuses, hospitals, religious places or at a friend’s house can equally end up as horrible partners. It’s not about where we find love, it is the personality involved.

Some people believe if you meet your partner at a religious place, you stand a better chance.

That is not entirely true because I’ve seen a couple who ended up divorcing, even though they were introduced by their pastor.

A good person is a good person, whether religious or not. It is what is in the heart that matters and the ability to do the right thing not where you found yourselves.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying religious places are not a good place to find true love but it is not 100% full proof. It is as good as been introduced to your partner by a common friend.

If I meet a man while he is gambling, I am not going to conclude he is a chronic gambler.

I will give him the benefit of the doubt, get to know him before taking any decision. Where we find love, doesn’t matter and it may not necessarily determine the outcome of our relationship.

It is up to you, to study the person you’re getting involved with. Where you met, should not be a yardstick in judging the outcome of your relationship.

Choose wisely and be happy.

2 thoughts on “FINDING LOVE

  1. Yes! I Truly agree with you. We can find that person at any place. We can’t judge a person at just one glance or from the place we met them because we are forgetting we are also standing in the same place as them. We can’t label a person, labels are for products not for humans.

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