Every relationship is a partnership because it involves two people who have a common goal and agree to unite in love, to enable them live happily ever after.

There are people who doesn’t believe in equal partnership, they believe they are the superior partner in their relationships. Some even believe they are god and their partners are their slaves.

Why should you see the person you love as a lesser being and why would anyone agree to be seen as such, all in the name of love.

Some people accept to be treated like a slave in their relationship because they are helplessly in love, for money, for sex and for fear of being alone. Don’t make yourself worthless because it is not good for your psyche. No one deserves to be treated in a demeaning way. Respect your partner and demand same in return.

Treat your partner as your friend, lover and your equal and your relationship will flourish. Don’t let your ego grow out of proportion and don’t let money control you.

If your partner feels entitled to be treated like a king or queen but treats you otherwise, that relationship is not equal. Don’t waste your time on a partner who doesn’t reciprocate your affection. Above all, do unto your partner as you want him or her to do unto you.

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