Today makes it a year that I started my blog, and it’s been a journey that I look back with nostalgia. Honestly it’s being a mixture of pleasure and pain. For months now, the pleasure has totally overtaken the pain and I’m celebrating one uninterrupted year of writing about love and relationship.

This is me and these are my real thoughts on love and relationship. This is as good as it gets. I pour out my heart here and share permitted experiences I get from counseling people. I hope my readers are learning from my post as I am. I do also hope you enjoy reading every topic I write on.

I want to thank many of my dear readers who have stood with me and kept coming back to read my post. You guys are the reason, why I am still here.

I also want to thank my co-bloggers and the entire WordPress community. I just can’t begin to mention names because a page will not contain it.

They are wonderful people and I’ve been inspired and encouraged by so many of them. Thanks for always liking my post and for all your beautiful comments.

I have alot to write about and I won’t stop writing because it gives me so much pleasure. I just want all of you to keep encouraging me by visiting my blog site, reading and commenting on my post.

I am also willing and ready to counsel my readers or anyone that needs counseling. I am here for you as you are there for me.

Once again thank you for spending a whole year with me. Please stay with me and let us keep learning together.


  1. Hi Mary! Congratulations on your one year anniversary with your blog!!! You are an amazing woman and writer on love and relationships. No subject is taboo and I always enjoy reading your blogs. Keep up the great work and keep smiling!! 😀

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