Are you getting married because everyone is getting married? Do you want to marry your partner because he or she is so sexy and good in bed?

Are you one of the people that got married because your partner is rich and comfortable or she is a known figure in the society?

Was your marriage consummated out of pity or sympathy?

Well it’s a known fact that many of us wants to be married, but we should neither rush into it nor get married for the wrong reasons.

It should never be a decision taken on the spur of the moment. Marrying for the wrong reasons can later make us unhappy in life and such marriage can leave us heartbroken.

Granted, sex is a vital part of most intimate relationship but that shouldn’t be the only reason to marry anyone.

At a point, you may grow weary of making love to your partner. What keeps such marriage going in those troubling moments, is the understanding between the two of you.

What about people that rush into marriage because all their friends and colleagues are getting married and they don’t want to be left behind.

In order to belong, they marry any available partner without careful thoughts. Some also jump into marriages because they feel age is no longer on their side.

When you marry because of money or status, what happens when the money finishes and your partner is no longer relevant in the society?

I’ve seen some people marry out of sympathy because they feel indebted to their partner for what he or she did for them, while dating.

They feel the only way to show their appreciation to a partner who have been kind to them is by marrying him in return even when they are not compatible.

Please don’t marry out of sympathy or pity. I will rather walk away than accept a favour that will keep me in bondage.

In choosing a partner, we have to look past how many rounds of sex our partner is capable of or their huge bank account. Money is important, but it shouldn’t be the sole reason to marry anyone.

As marriage grows, needs changes. It won’t be only about sex or money anymore when the children and life challenges starts rolling in. The bottom line is, your partner’s character and compatibility. Not how sexy or rich they are.

We spend the most part of our lives as a couple and it shouldn’t be a thing to joke with. Please don’t rush into marriage when you’re not ready because everyone around you is settling down.

It is tough enough to marry for the right reasons so don’t marry for the wrong reasons because it will eventually backfire and it may leave you shattered.

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