There are people who find it difficult to apologise when they are at fault, some are stubborn with a huge ego and some don’t even know they are wrong. Anyway, we can not always be right and it won’t kill anyone to say “I’m sorry”

For the sake of stopping an argument sometimes, I simply say sorry and move on. That saves a lot of bad blood and unnecessary tension between people, especially couples.

There is no way you can be in a relationship and not have misunderstandings or get into a fight even over mundane things. The ability to say sorry helps to heal quickly and put a stop to what might turn into a big fight. You don’t have to argue it out, there and then.

Saying sorry to your partner when you are wrong shouldn’t be seen as a big deal. Even when you’re right sometimes, for peace sake apologise and complain later when both of you are in a better mood.

I’ve apologised on some occasions, when it was my partner’s fault.

In one of those times, we were at a public function and I couldn’t be seen arguing with him. It was after we got home and we talked about it that he realised he was wrong.

Some people just don’t see anything wrong in what they do. You have to be patient with such people and work things out amicably. That doesn’t make you a fool, it only shows you’re calm and peaceful.

For men who think the only way to take charge and be in control of their relationships, is by been bossy and never saying sorry when they are wrong, I’ve got news for you. You’re just grooming a bitter woman, who will always hold a grudge against you, no matter how much she loves you.

She will never feel truly loved by you, even if she doesn’t complain. It won’t make you less a man to say, “I’m sorry” A good woman won’t ever take you for granted for apologising to her, infact she will love you more.

For women who feels too proud to say sorry to their partner, you will only end up scaring a good man away.

Another thing about saying sorry is that, you have to say it because you mean it.

Don’t say it scornfully or say it just to keep your partner quiet. Don’t also go back doing the same thing and rushing to apologise. That means you’re taking your partner for granted.

You have to want peace and work for it in your relationship, before you can get it.

Always find a peaceful way of resolving issues between you and your partner. Please learn how to genuinely say sorry and enjoy a warm relationship.


  1. as i grow older i understand the need of putting the fire off and just hug.. It’s far easy to forgive, say sorry and be forgiven then to be unhappy for even a few hours or minutes… Beautiful post dear you explored the topic so gently and put light on some important topics..

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  2. vincentcarlos

    as Sun Tzu says, “He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.” I see this quote in relation to relationships as well as, the couple who wins will be the couple who knows when to talk it out and when to forgive and say “I’m sorry.” another nice post

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