I was shocked this past week, when a lady complained to me that her husband has forced her into prostitution because of financial hardship. How can a husband do that and why would a wife agree?

I can’t still get over the fact that a man will pimp his wife to other men all for money. It is so unbelievable but it’s absolutely true. A lot happens that some of us are priviledged to and I get so stunned listening to some of their stories and counselling them.

The wife’s excuse was that, she is prostituting for the sake of the Iove she has for her husband and to keep her marriage but she is getting tired of the indecent act and her husband won’t stop pressuring her to continue. In the first place, what marriage is she trying to keep and what stupid love is that.

Pimping your wife to other men is totally a shameful thing for any man to do. It shows lack of love, intergrity and respect on the man’s part. While the woman that agrees to such arrangement lacks dignity and discipline. No man that loves his wife will allow any other man to touch her except himself. What you love and value, you guard jealously.

To me, both of them are clearly insane. The wife says, her husband collects the money and guard the door of their one bedroom apartment from intruders while action goes on behind closed door with her. Sadly they couldn’t even take their show of shame to a hotel room.

When neighbours became suspicious and began to ask questions, the husband quickly pick a fight with them, telling them to mind their business.

I blame her for stooping so low. No matter how much you love your partner, there are some lines you shouldn’t cross and this is one of it. There is nothing wrong in supporting your man financially but to steal or prostitute for his sake is absurd.

Don’t allow any man to intimidate or blackmail you to the point of prostitution. You don’t have to go that far to please your man or prove your love.

Young ladies are more prone to falling for such intimidation in the name of love. Please read between the lines. No man who does that, truly loves you. I do hope the wife will heed my advice, before it gets too late.



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